Check in at the front desk with a staff member when you arrive for your class.

No one wants to miss a class, but to avoid losing a credit and to give someone else the opportunity to book, please cancel your class booking online 24 hours prior to class start time.

Our instructors carefully plan each class with a warm-up and cool-down period for safety reasons, therefore anyone arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed into the class. Also, please stay for the entire class! Your body and mind both need to properly cool-down after an intense workout, so please don’t skip the incredible stretch or meditation that comes at the end of each class! It’s your TREAT to yourself after a hard workout.
Please wipe down any of your equipment and return all props (e.g. weights, balls, Pilates rings, and mats) to their home so that everything is ready for the next class. Once finished with your Reformer put all the springs back on and return the foot bar to the start position. Thanks!
If you’re expecting an urgent call, our Team at reception will be more than happy to hold your phone and let you know if/when the call comes in. Otherwise please keep phones in the lockers provided or turned off/silent in the studio cubbies.