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NEW CLIENT PROMOTION - Buy a TRYFLEX 20 Class Pass, including a FREE 30 minute sports massage for Only £109!

(2 Months Expiry, Pass must be used before 11/9/23)

You will have access to our full range of classes that are hosted by our many instructors who will be with you every step of the way to ensure you feel real change and get results in our small group exercise classes. Expect a personal training experience without the price-tag and be prepared to have fun on your fitness journey with StudioFlex
Reformer Pilates – classes include:
Flex, Sculpt, Burn, Peach and Pins, Core
Aerial – classes include:
Intro, Flight, Strength, Stretch and Chill
Yoga – classes include:
Flow, Yin, Hot Flow, Hot Yin
Cardio – classes include:
FlexRide, Boxfit, Pilates, Barre
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