Welcome to StudioFlex

You are just a short step away from becoming part of our Boutique Fitness Club. Our Strength and Conditioning studio will be launching in April.

The studio will feature:

All for £39 per month from April.

If you sign up before May 1st 2023
you will benefit from:

Your first month, from the date of your first visit, will be half-price £19.50 (normally £39 per month)

Strengthen Your Body and
Mind with our Fitness Classes

As women get older we lose bone density through loss of oestrogen production… including a strength and conditioning style class in your fitness routine that includes the use of weights and resistance can help to slow this process. *Source: Harvard Health Publishing

Launching in April - £39 per month and £15 joining fee

Classes for all

As a separate package, we also offer fitness classes at StudioFlex that include FlexReformer pilates, FlexRide indoor cycling, Aerial Yoga, Barre, HIIT, PT-led circuit training and hot yoga. Please explore our website, contact reception or download the StudioFlex app to find out more.

As a club member we hope you will also be able to enjoy healthy snacks, protein shakes, smoothies, breakfast bowls, brunch and lunch in our stylish restaurant, CafeFlex.

We very much look forward to welcoming you!