FLEX Reformer classes are an ideal way to rebalance your body when you feel the need to mobilise, stretch and invigorate. A slower paced class, to explore those foundational Pilates movements, lengthening and toning the whole body. This individualised approach to movement is for everyone but an ideal place to start, address new and old injuries or just enjoy all that Reformer Pilates has to offer.
SCULPT Reformer Pilates classes will work through a range of movements exploring balance, alignment, flexibility and strength. This will be a full body workout aiming to sculpt and tone with each exercise adding a level of challenge or complexity, flooding your body with endorphins, leaving you ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. A class fitted for anyone, individually tailored to provide the support or challenge appropriate to you.
Take your Reformer Pilates workout to the next level with BURN, this comprehensive high energy class will lengthen, strengthen and tone your entire body. This class will use high intensity movements with high repetitions to get your heart beating and endorphins pumping. Expect the Pilates movements you love mixed with familiar fitness exercises, to have you feeling those deep muscles for the days to follow. Use your Pilates knowledge and skill to challenge your limits in this fun, dynamic session improving strength, tone, body awareness and fitness.
Sculpt and tone your lower body in our PEACH & PINS Reformer Pilates class. Expect to feel the burn and fatigue in your lower body through dynamic Pilates and fitness movements using repetitions or load to challenge you to your limit. While the focus is on strengthening and mobilising the legs and glutes primarily, there will also be a range of core movements to get you through when you feel like your legs can’t keep going. Tailored individually for everyone, this class is ideal for anyone who loves feeling those jelly legs after a workout.
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This introduction class will teach you the basic skills necessary for your aerial journey. The silk hammock will be used to support your body weight to access yoga poses and experience deep stretches in a more relaxed environment. Ultimately exploring strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation, with some inversion options if you are confident, all while you float on air. The perfect way to begin your experience and understand all the benefits that aerial has to offer.

This is a progression class from our AERIAL – Intro, where traditional yoga, pilates, dance and acrobatics meet to explore the endless options within the silk hammock. Set yourself free and your wellbeing will soar whilst improving your flexibility, strength and stamina, finishing with some well-deserved relaxation. Our instructors will provide appropriate levels of optional challenges for everyone with inversion, flip and trick opportunities throughout each class.

Aerial strength is a fun, unique way to strengthen and condition your body using a silk hammock to provide support or the next level of challenge. In this class you will tone, strengthen, stretch and improve overall fitness and mobility. All fitness levels are welcome in this class as you explore your body’s limits through a series of movements designed to progress you along your aerial journey.

This gentle, relaxing class uses the silk hammocks to help you explore some delightful stretches to relax and refresh your mind and body. You can thank us in advance for the extended chill time at the end of class as you cocoon yourself in the hammock, we guarantee you will leave feeling better than you started!

There will be no inversions throughout this class, so it is a perfect place to start your aerial journey. Stretch & Chill is a ‘must try’ for everyone but especially those who are slightly hesitant to try the more challenging Aerial classes.

Flow yoga will build your strength and flexibility whilst developing body and breath control utilising a range of yoga postures. You will enjoy complete freedom of movement as you choose the level of your personal challenge. Your session will begin with a warmup followed by a continuous flow that will blend creative full-body strengthening with dynamic movements. Expect to drift into a meditative state before finishing the class with a gentle period of cool down and relaxation that will complete a perfectly well-balanced workout.

This floor-based, long-held asana practice delves into the deeper tissues of the body, targeting the energy systems and fascia to promote healing and balance within the body. Whether desiring a deep stretch, or searching for something grander, this practice is medicine for our modern world. Suitable for all experience levels.

A real treat for the mind, body and soul.

Re-Energise, improve your stamina, improve your flexibility… and expect to sweat!

Calm your mind and invigorate your body as you flow from one pose to the next with the rhythm of your breath. Hot Yoga whilst increasing muscular strength and endurance, has also been linked with detoxification. Many agree that higher room temperatures can improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and reduce back pain.

PLEASE NOTE – The Maximum room temperature will be 30 degrees

Hot Yin Yoga takes place in a warmed room with floor-based, long-held asana practice which delve into the deeper tissues of the body, targeting the energy systems and fascia to promote healing and balance within the body. Whether desiring a deep stretch, or searching for something grander, this practice is medicine for our modern world. Suitable for all experience levels.

A real treat for the mind, body and soul.

PLEASE NOTE – The maximum room temperature will be 30 degrees.

If you love cycling and you love music, then this is the class for you! When both are combined the result is an immersive and fun cardio class that challenges your physical limits whilst providing a welcome workout for both mind and body. Each of our FlexRide instructors uses different intensity markers so be prepared to work hard, regardless of your experience or fitness level.

BoxFit will provide a high intensity class focused on boxing fitness and technique, aimed to increase speed, agility and strength. You’ll move between bag work, pad work and conditioning exercises, making sure your heart rate is always up and your technique is on point. Prepare to sweat, whether you are a beginner or advanced boxer who wants to train hard and be pushed to your limits.

Cardio Pilates will encompass the floor-based repertoire of movements created by Joseph Pilates to build sculpted and functional bodies while creating a connection with the body and mind. This class will aim to tone, sculpt, strengthen your body and also increase balance and flexibility leaving you feeling a little lighter and a little taller after each class. Let your endorphins flow and prioritise your physical and mental wellbeing in this class suitable for everyone.

Barre is a hybrid workout mixing the best bits of Pilates, Ballet and Aerobics. You will feel empowered by this highly effective workout and experience the famous Barre burn! Improve your strength, endurance, control and mobility of your body with a series of exercises on and off the Barre. Areas we focus on include the glutes, legs, arms, back and core and we encourage all fitness levels to this class as our instructors will guide you through modifications to keep everyone on their toes!

Please Note: This class is suitable for all levels from Beginners to experienced – you don’t need to be super flexible as we wont ask you to stretch your legs up onto the barre, it is purely used for balance and support. Give it a try, we know you will love it!